Amending the curriculum: Impact to Nursing Practice

  1. [s]"As nursing become a global occupation, nurse educators face the challenge of exploring how to provide quality education and prepare the next generation of nurses for future practice. In turn, a student who aspires to become a nurse is aware of the rights and privileges entitled to him in terms of choosing a nursing institution that will provide opportunities for him to gain the knowledge, skills and attitude that will enable them to work with or for people regardless of socio-economic status at multiple levels of intervention; an educational atmosphere that will foster learning and will mold him to become a globally competitive nurse."[/s]

    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]The QUESTION NOW: What is the IMPACT of the continuous evolving nursing curriculum (either creating a new curriculum or revising and updating an existing one) in the Nursing Practice?
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    Homework assignment?
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    A large part of nursing school is self study, whereas they teach you how to seek out and find the information you need. Therefore, it is expected of you in your future occupation to keep your education current, by seeking out new information as it is released and to keep your practice current, regardless of when you graduated from nursing school.
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    can any of you help me in this one? i would really appreciate all views and comments on this matter...

    i'm working a study with regards the issues of amending the present nursing curriculum...


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