Am not just a nurse

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    This article is dedicated to all global nurses,for their tremendous activities in caring for the sick and rehabilitate them if the need arises.

    Am not just a nurse

    Am not just a nurse by profession
    Have been trained to make it my nature
    With my meekly tender on motion
    Blissfully showing the sick my affections
    Irrespective of their conditions
    A vow I pledged during my induction

    I am not just a nurse but a saviour
    A reliever of all souls
    Medically putting sickness behind the door
    My scapel,an instrument of pure
    Pills, scissors, and more
    Tape measure, all is pure

    I am a nurse and a mentor
    An ever conscious health visitor
    In and out of the ward I ensure
    In spite patient's aren't sure
    Your health care,my venture
    Health education, is my chore

    I am a nurse,yet an health inspector
    Working diligently with the doctors
    Not like a servant to his Monsieur
    But a co worker working hand in hand
    To make you back on your feet
    Is a must,not an option
    Consolidate and palpation
    Till you are back to rehabilitation

    I am a nurse, that's my call
    A job I do with all my all
    With gentle joy throughout my course
    Telling everyone across the world
    Showing it big on my wall
    Am a nurse among all

    I am a nurse, your humble servant
    Always at your service with all my might
    In the morning, day or night
    Whenever you seem not alright
    I bring your health back alright
    Cheers!it's your right!

    I am a nurse your caring friend
    Comforting you since all then
    Through your ailment, injury and pain
    I encourage, persuade and mend
    Even when relatives turn you down
    I am ,but always there!

    I am a nurse, that's my habit
    Always euphoria to be on feet
    My white apron is my envious suit
    Looking good while it fit in
    I am much proud of my responsibility
    Oh,God remain ability
    Nursing is a globally recognized profession!

    I am a proud nurse, gladly overworked
    And still underappreciated ,mostly motivated
    While standing to seek motivation.
    I am the determination and hope for the years to
    I may be small, but I build a giant in me.

    I soar through societal beliefs
    And move through people's prejudice
    I am a hero to one, a conditioning to another
    Yet, no sector stands without me.

    I am fearless and dedicated
    For liberation and inspiration
    I render lots of determination,
    Power to care and stories to share..
    Don't test me, am building the eagle in me

    Think of it, imagine what nursing will be in the next
    ten years!
    Ask yourself, what can I do to restructure nursing
    and make it reach its climax?
    Remember we are not just hearers but doers,
    Don't let us be policy abiders, but policy makers
    Let us make this profession stand out among its

    This is the time to stand up and give nursing its
    credibility and take it to the climax because
    without nursing, the health sector will be no where
    to be found in the society.. .
    Be delighted in your words and actions as you
    render the holistic care putting Human Rights into
    consideration by being fair, show dignity, respect,
    allow autonomy and equality to patients
    irrespective of their status, gender,tribe,religion

    For this profession to move forward, capable
    leaders are needed to strengthen its
    professionalism and re-brand its image...

    Let us soar together as one and give nursing its

    We have been our patients advocates in our interest
    with doctors and administrations, why not with
    Congress? Who better to speak to policy makers on
    behalf of nurses than nurses?who has a better
    understanding of what nurses do than nurses?Who
    is In the best position to address the health
    concerns of our patients than nurses?If not
    nurses,whom!?if not now, when?
    This is the time to speak and to be heard ,to hold
    elective offices,more nurses are needed in the
    Parliament no one else in the health profession
    can speak with the voice that we have!
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