Am I Too Old To Be A Nurse???

  1. For the fifth time in as many months, I have been passed over for assignments despite great interviews for "another candidate". In checking with an insider at 2 of these facilities, I was saddened to discover that the other "candidate" was 20 years younger with less experience.

    I am 46, have 10 years experience and am in great shape, keep fit and go to great lengths to stay attractive. Is it my dementia kicking in or are employers hiring the young and rested over experience and maturity?

    Anyone else notice this?
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  3. by   Dixielee
    It may simply be a money thing. Maybe they do not want to pay you what you are worth and went with a less experienced nurse who they could pay less. 46 is definately not too old for advancement, but health care facilities are trimming where they can.