Am I really meant to be a nurse?

  1. I am pretty new to home health, and have been working for my company for 8 months now. It seems like here lately I keep making stupid mistakes. My boss tells me she thinks I am a good nurse, and that she doesn't want me going anywhere, but that there are just a few areas she thinks I could improve on. I have found that working in HH, having so much independence (while wonderful) can also begin to have a negative effect on nurses. It's easy to become tempted to rush through the visits, because when you finish seeing all of your pts, you're through for the day. I love having the ability to schedule my pts to my convenience, and not having to spend everyday stuck in the same place, watching the clock, wishing like crazy it was time to go home. But I've had to remind myself that with independence, comes responsibility, and if I'm rushing through my visits, I'm more likely to miss something that I shouldn't have, or make a mistake that could have been avoided. Well, actually my boss was the first to remind me of this. And I have reminded myself everyday since then. I sometimes wonder, if I'm even cut out to be a nurse. I've only had my license for 2 years. In that time, I've tried a number of different fields, ranging from a nursing home (def not for me), all the way to LTAC units. HH is the first field I've worked in, that I actually enjoy. I love my pts, and enjoy caring for them. Some of them, I continue to stop by occasionally, just to chat or catch up, even after they have been discharged. But these stupid mistakes I make, have been hounding me, and everytime I think ive moved on, and have made a mental note not to make the same mistake again, something else seems to come up that I missed. I feel like such a failure, and it has made me question myself as a nurse, and as a person. I don't know what to do.
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  3. by   NaKcl
    As long as you have the caring heart for your patients and trying to improve on things that you missed or lack of, you are a good nurse.
    We all make mistakes. I saw nurses with 20+ years of experience make mistakes.
    Sometime when we try to be perfect, seems like we make more mistakes.

    Don't beat yourself up too much.
    you will find your own way to master these things.

    I used little memo pads to remind me to do things for my pt. throughout the day.
  4. by   MursingMedic
    I'm just a student when it comes to nursing, but I've been a paramedic for a while and can say with confidence that you sound like a great nurse. You're catching your little mistakes, are making mental notes of them, and learning from them. You're concerned about your mistakes and are actively working to correct them. There are so many people in our profession who don't learn from their mistakes, and could care less if they come away with anything after they screw up.

    It is our mistakes we learn from. There's lots of little things to mess up, and we all are human. It takes time to become confident, but once you get there, you'll quit fretting the small stuff and will see the big picture.

    Keep your chin up. It sounds to me like you're doing just fine.