Am I Burned Out? Need Advice

  1. I am an LPN and have done the hospital scene also. I am going through alot of feelings about me job right now. I just moved and am feeling as though I may be burned out. I like working with people. I am making alot of stupid mistakes and trying to hard to be careful. I am trying so hard it is waking me up at night thinking about it. I have never flet this way before and am very discouraged because I have found a place that I really like. Does anyone have any advice. I do not want to make the wrong choice. I want to try something different but Nursing is all I know. ( And the pay). I am burned out? I have been wanting to be a CNA again. would that be wrong.
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  3. by   Kashia
    I think being burned out in todays medical system is a perfecly normal reaction.
    The system is highly dysfunctional due to the fact it is all about profit. Burn out is a healthy reaction I think..your guide to think about choices.
    It bothers me imensely that there is never rarely time to spend with a patient becasue they work everything so tight we are so stressed to comply.
    I have thought about writing a book about this. anyways,
    I am pretty much in the same space as you are except I took some time away now need to go back. It is very difficult because not much focus goes on people other than they are the commodity upon which others make a living. Sick thought..all the millions being made by the pharm corps are completely dependant upon the ill health and dis-ease of human beings.
    Another aspect of this is- when you are feeling burned out you do need to pay attention and take care of yourself. For your own sanity health and quality of life but also your patients because it only takes once for a little mistake to be a deadly one.
    I worked at one hospital that offered so much support for nurses, they had a beautiful gym, and class offering like in yoga and just healthy things. Made a big difference. Those things you can find outside through and may be a big help if youcan not take time off work. Best to you
  4. by   Justhere
    When I first became an LPN I worked in hospital setting for 5 years just about and became very burnt out, just like you are describing. Sometimes at that point it is time to find another place to work as an LPN. I left the hospital to work for a doctor (which I found out real quick that that perticular doctor was not the right one to work for (very moody)), so I left and went to work for an outpatient mental health clinic which I enjoyed for almost 5 years. Then a job came open with a little boy on a vent when the job first came open it was nights and I had just had a baby so I told my MIL about it. She loved it and when a day job came available she got me to apply for it. I loved it and loved him and was very happy, until I got the itch to go back to school 4 years later. Then I only worked with him occassionally. I had to have hernia surgery and could not return to work with him. It was the hardest thing telling his mother I couldn't come back. Then he passed away Aug. 18. But I would not have traded the years with him and his family for anything.
  5. by   chumbly24
    Thank you for the support. I am really struggling with a decision to step down out of nursing. I am working in a smaller environment now and find myself not able to concentrate. It is hard but I need to work. Have a good day
  6. by   hopecandles
    I've struggled with the same things. I started out in oncology, and I felt I got to spend a little more time with patients than I do on the cardiac floor I'm on. I'm 34 with 3 kids, 12, 7, and 4. I finally took the plunge, and started working from home, I was miserable in my job. My business is getting off the ground now, and I couldn't be happier. I kept a casual position at the hospital I worked at. I just pick up a four hour shift here and there. I actually enjoy going in every once in a while. I finally decided..."you only live once, my kids are only little once, and I'm going to enjoy my life" I hope that in the future, I will have time to devote to changing the working environment for nurses. I love nurses, and the nursing profession, I was just so burnt, after only 4 yrs. I don't know how some of them do it!

    Ask yourself, what would you do if money wasn't an issue. I believe that's true that if you do something you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

    Good luck!
  7. by   chumbly24
    You and I have alot in common. I also have 3 kids. 12 5 and 2. It really is hard when you have them relying on you also.