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  1. All of the hot topics here are; nursing shortage, unions, staff retention, nurse employment and of course they all lead to the saftey of patient care due to short staffing.

    The march would be a good ideal but with everybodys fastpace lifestyles, the problems with time, money and no national organization to back us up seems unrealistic.

    It is an election year. If the march was to happen it needs to be on the white house frount lawn to get the coverage that this topic deserves.
    I here complaints everytime I go to work from my pt. Last week one even told me they left the hospital AMA to go home and take their pain medication after waiting 2 hrs. for some one to bring it to them.
    That dosent't just make the nurse taking care of them look bad it makes us all no matter what our title is look bad.
    I haven't been a nurse but for a little over a year. I don't think this is the way thing are suppost to work. So after visiting several different sites this is the larges one I have found.

    I have e-mail adressess, web adresses,and mailing adresses to Al Gore and George W.Bush JR.

    I Feel that the only way something is going to be done about this is if we all stick together and make it an issue. There are 6005 different nurses registered with this site. If everyone here and on other nursing sites e-mail, or mail their concerns to the canidates they can't ignore us for ever.

    Please feel free to give these adresses to fellow co-workers.

    Al Gore
    Mailing address:601 Mainstream Dr.
    Nashville TN 37228

    George W Bush
    Mailing address: P.O. Box1902
    Austin TX 78767-1902

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  3. by   lorita
    If there is a march it needs to be followed up with more lobbist for nursing, this is a subject that has to be in front of the public on an ongoing basis or it will be shortly forgotten. Look at teachers you hear tons of stuff about smaller class rooms better salaries being treated like proffesionals. Do you ever hear anything about nurses. NO! I don't! Why? apparently we are not saying enough to the right people. We need lobbist fighting for us if we are going to make any head way. We are under paid and overworked. Our nursing organizations sure aren't doing the job like the teachers union is or we would have better pay and benifits like they do, and wouldn't it be nice to have all that vaccation time LOL The ANA and others need to take a few lessons from the teachers union, but they are probably not teaching that class