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  1. I have had chroinc jaw tension, neck tension and horrid jaw pain for 7 months. Absolutely stress related I know. MRI showed definite TMJ displacement. Have mouth guard.
    I am sick of MD's and dentists. No one can help. I just started Acupuncture tx with someone who se's 1/2 the staff in my department. Anyone here tried it? Did it help?
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    I have not tried acupuncture, but have had great success with craniosacral therapy.
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    what is that?
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    check out :

    This page will explain it better than I can and will give you a link to practitioners in your area. Practitioners can be MDs, RNs, DDSs, Physical or Massage Therapists, even Licensed Social Workers. So you can find someone that you would feel comfortable working with.

    I don't know what to tell you other than it worked for me and it was GREAT. Yes it took a while, (about 2 months for me/ a session a week) but it was worth the time and the work and the money. It was cheaper than any other therapy/ solution offered. I didn't miss any work and it addressed some other problems I had that I did not realize could be related (shoulder pain).

    Call and make an appointment to interview a practitioner, he or she can answer your questions much better than I can. Most of my information would be specific to me and may not apply to your case.

    Keep in touch. I know how frustrating TMJ can be and I wish you well in your search.