Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Patients

  1. I am just wondering what experience you all may have with patients with this disorder, their prognosis and level of disability. Also age when symptoms appeared, and whether or not smoking affected the severity and/or presence of symptoms.

    I know someone very close to me with the deficiency and we are studying it right now in Med-Surg so I am interested in your experiences with it.

    I have done research on the Web but have gotten some conflicting info on age of emphysema onset, and symptoms, and likelihood for disease with a given phenotype.

    I know this is a relatively rare illness but figured someone out there might have some experience with it!
    Thanks in advance for all your help!
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    The company I work for gives the drug Aralast to people with the alpha deficiency. Their symptoms vary, from tired and SOB, multiple respiratory infections, to home bound and on O2. Aralast doesn't cure the disease but is suppose to slow down the disease process. You shouldn't be smoking with this disease, and I think in order to get the medication you have to stop smoking. Also try the Baxter site for more info....