All of these sad nursing encounters, heres a happy one!!

  1. Good morning out there. My name is James and I am an RN student. I work at Hospice of the North Country and have to say it is the best place I have ever worked. First of all, I have tried to find my niche in the hospital, nursing home, rehab center nothing made me feel needed. I was then hired by Hospice and I finally found that niche. My job is very rewarding and it's not really that complicated. The hardest thing to adjust to was that I wasn't trying to rehabilitate anyone, I was trying now to make them comfortable for the dying process. I also found I handle death pretty well. There will always be tears but you get to spend so much time with PT's you become attached. The best part of the job is your role in someones dying days. Whether it's getting pain meds on board, preparing the family, arranging funeral, it's all very rewarding. I also get to go to the office in the morning, leave for about half the day to see my patients in their homes, come back to the office and finish up loose ends. The best part is there are no bosses hovering over my shoudler! It is a very autonomys role in nursing. Just wanted to drop a few lines and tell those who are not happy, go out and venture. You never know what you will find. Good luck to all of you in your endeavors.
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    welcome and thanks for sharing
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    Cool. I'm glad you found your spot. I'm still seeking mine.