All Nursing Education IS NOT Equal.

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    All Nursing Education IS NOT Equal.

    All nursing education is not equal and a nursing degree is not just a degree. There are different coursework and experiences that go into each nursing degree. But the reality is that most people see it one way as being all the same and do not recognize the differences.

    One reason may be due to the lack of standardization in and of nursing schools, which makes it simple to group all degrees in one book. Another may be, people simply do not care- all wear scrubs anyway

    Each nursing school is almost independent of each other to where the coursework is little to non-transferable. There is also a plethora of ways to get a nursing degree. Should it not be standardized?

    Spending all that money on one's course should definitely make it transferable- creates an ease of transfer for the student.

    How do you add value if the value is not there to begin with?

    It is not uncommon to see nurses pitted against each other in terms of a Licensed Practice Nurse vs a Registered Nurse, and a Registered Nurse Vs an Advanced Practice Nurse and the list goes on in different variations with the underlying factor here being the length of college work.

    Still yet, all nursing education may not be equal but don't ever allow another to belittle or downgrade the effort you put into obtaining your nursing degree!

    On one hand,
    • So they say a 1 or 2-year degree has less value; smile and let your skills shine!
    • So they say a 1 or 2-year degree has limitations; excel in what you can do!
    • So they say a 1 or 2-year degree cannot be in certain positions; no problem, there are always exceptions!

    On the other hand,
    • So they went for a 1-year or 2-year degree; but you chose to go further, celebrate it!
    • So they say a 1 or 2-year degree nurse can run rings round a 4-year nurse; don't rise to the bait, ignore it
    • So they say the extra years in a BSN is simply management classes; smile and take it!
    • So they say the monetary reward is the same; don't get offended, you know the pleasure you got from the experience

    Regardless of what it may be, dimming another's light will never make one's shine any brighter. All should be celebrated and encouraged. There is more than enough to go around- how bad do you want it?

    Contrary to popular school of thought, a nursing degree is not just a degree! A degree is your blood, sweat, and tears- it is a cumulation of all the efforts you put into achieving that dream.

    Intellect and skills trumps degrees, absolutely! But it takes your degree to give you an opportunity to get THROUGH the door to be able to use your intellect and skills. Recognize that, value it and know that all nursing degrees are NOT equal!

    (As an aside: Just as all nursing education is not equal, likewise an advanced practice nurse does not equate to a medical degree holder. For each to exist peacefully side by side, respect is key- respect of the strengths and limitations of each; respect of the similarities and respect of each profession and individual holding the degree. Both professions are beneficial to each other and/but each has their own place in the world of healthcare!)

    Thanks for the read!

    Something to think about
    -How committed are you to your own goals?

    Never compare yourself to another- the one thing that quickly diminishes you is the moment you start comparing yourself to another. Don't do that! Everyone is unique and has their own path to live; avoid allowing comparison to muddy your path.
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  3. by   Nurse_in the Making
    That is an encouraging article. Im still working on my prerequisites to get into the nursing program but I love reading people's insights, advice and experiences.
  4. by   Howej1
    "How commited are you to your goals?" "You won't make your own light brighter by dimming another's." You are so right that we each need to do what is right for us. I know some diploma nurses that I would trust with the life of my child! On the other hand, I am 41 and just completed my BSN and am seriously considering pursuing my masters. I would encourage young nurses now to get as much education as they can. There is so much to learn. I love learning but to each his own. We have enough strife in the world without nurses discouraging or picking on each other. Much like varying cultures, varying levels of education and nurses with various backgrounds all have something to contribute.