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    I am currently evaluating the effectiveness of using an alginate dressing for a fungating breast wound. Do you think this sort of dressing is sufficient for this type of wound. The wound its self is high in malodor and exudate. Personally i believe this dressing may be suitable, what do you think though!!!
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    alginate dsgs are indeed indicated for fungating wounds, as are foam.
    i find that i've had to use more than usual however, because of the amts of drainage, and it is a costly intervention.
    the alginate is used for excess drainage, and it gels up after absorption.
    i have not found a dsg that controls the odors associated w/fungating wounds- not even the charcoal dsgs.
    it's usually a flagyl solution/gel that does a more effective job w/the odors, rather than any dsg i've used.

  4. by   MS._Jen_RN
    We have a new alginate drsg at our facility impregnated with silver. It's called Aquacel AG (I think). It helps cut the bacterial load of the wound 'cause of the silver's antimicrobial properties. Also, could you irrigate with something like clorapactin. (NOT pack with it). That may help cut the microbial load. Also, a foam dressing like Polymem or Lyofaom over top of the alginate should help with the drainage. Do you have a wound care specialist that could help? (CNS or EST?)