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I have a co-worker that I have noticed the smell of alcohol, that day after smell. For those of you who have lived with alcoholics, you know that smell, not a fruity diabetic smell but a hangover... Read More

  1. by   fd5151
    Quote from bethem
    If it is actually a day after smell, and she is not impaired at work, does it matter? I mean, the smell does, and there have been several threads on coworkers who smell in one way or another. I wonder, though, how much you can do if she's drinking in her own time and it's not affecting her work.
    If you can still smell the alcohol on their breath that is a pretty good sign that alcohol consumption was within the past 24 hours and impairment lasts for that time period if not beyond.
    There is a reason that pilots have to wait a certain amount of time after drinking before taking flight because impairment has longer lasting effects than you might think. It is technically an 8 hour wait under federal aviation standards in the US with the same Standards recognizing impairment lasting from 48 to 72 hours afterward. In Canada, i believe that alcohol can't be consumed with 12 hours - not totally sure but know it is more than 8 hours.
    These standards are controversial due to the fact that they haven't done much to protect against pilots who have been consuming heavily even with the 8 hour/12 hour wait followed. Fact is that you are impaired for longer than that period; whether it is drowsiness, lack of concentration/focus, etc.
    For anyone who has consumed alcohol - drinking enough for someone to notice it on your breath the next day usually doesn't correlate with you feeling back to normal....:biere: particularly for women.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I don't feel at all comfortable confronting this person without noticing anything but the smell. I feel an confrontation is up to my supervisor, occ health and possibly HR. I want to protect myself, and the fact that I have witnessed only the odor and no other collaborating behavior leaves me with no choice but to wait and watch. I have talked with my supervisor and will keep documentation. I do realize there is a chance that I (and the other nurse who noticed), are mistaken but I think that is a small chance. I would like it to be mouthwash as the previous poster used. Perhaps I can slyly bring up a conversation r/t mouthwash. "what brand do you use?" Worth a shot.