Alabama Nclex?

  1. I just took the Nclex in Al. If anyone out there knows if there is a # to call like some states have to find out results I would appreciate an email so much! I took it last Thursday and am wandering about how long it takes to get it in the mail. Unfortunately, the test week & day weren't great for me. I had terrible problems concentrating due to recent problems with husband, (the ex-wife), lawyer...etc. So I took the max # of ?=265. Does anyone know how I could pass with that? With the computer going all the way...doesn't that mean it could never determine if I was ever totally right OR wrong? So I should expect it to fail me right?

    Would love some feedback. Am worried!
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    Hey Niki, don't sweat it too bad. I know nurses who passed after taking 265 (remember it could be that 265th question that determines puts you over the hump). As for a # to call, I don't know of one. I do know one way to find out quicker than the snail result is IF you have a temporary license, the board will immediately suspend it upon their notification of failure. You can access this info online at the boards website They will also notify your employer of a failing score, if you are working under a temp license. The waiting period for results runs around 2-3 weeks. Good luck!!!
  4. by   Yalonda1
    Hello I live in Birmingham I took the NCLEX in December and there was not a 800# or 900# to call to find out your results. The way I found out that I has passed was to call the Alabama Board of Nursing verification line after 3 wks to find out if I had been issued a license or not. As far as whether or not you passed or failed with 265? there is no way of telling. I have known people to pass with 265 and some who have failed with 75 ? so as hard as it may seem, please don't stress yourself about this. It sounds as if you have enough stress in your life at this moment. I know the wait is hard but in about 2-4wks you shoud be able to call the verification line at the AL BON. Please email me if you have any questions.
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  5. by   niknurse
    THank you both for sharing AL Nclex info! I will just wait and see! Good luck to you both