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  1. I would like some takes on a problem I had I was send to a home to care for someone with chicken pox and other things my family has not had chicken pox the condition on the apt.
    was unclean they didn't want me to wear my shoes or socks my shoes I use are for indoor use only and the building had cockroaches.
    I phoned after arriving and refused to stay and for them to find someone else. I have not had a call for work scence. They were upset because I have had phone calls saying how much people and NH have enjoyed my work. I was told I could handle charge nurse position but asked to leave for this. Saftey was an issue for me. Was I right or should I have stayed.
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  3. by   MD_Rn
    Could you clarify? They wanted you not to wear shoes??? Ewww.... I once had a homecare pt who was asian and did not allow any shoes inside the house, but it was spotless. No cockroaches. As far as working with diseases you have not been exposed to, we all do that every day, it is unfortunately part of the job description. But as an agency nurse, one of the benefits is being able to pick and choose assignments. Ok, I would not have worked shoeless with roaches, but I don't think not working because of chicken pox is a good reason.
  4. by   OntRPN
    yes no shoes they were asian But health and safty canada requires shoes I think. the chicken pox were an excuse to get out. I have works with AIDS HEP. But how can I work in an uncomfortable position. I do not want to bring cockroaches home with me.