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  1. I am doing my first agency nursing job on Sunday. I just wanted some extra hours and the money is good. Could anyone give me some "pointers" on what to do/not to do? I would appreciate it!
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  3. by   Brownms46
    Hi robynrn2b....

    It depends on where you're going to work at. Will you be working in a hospital or LTC...Office...? Best thing I can tell you is make sure they give you an orientation. Don't recruit anyone for your agency while on the job. They can always take your number if you wish...and they wish to find out more information at a later time. Make sure you ask questions....ask questions. And if something doesn't make sense...ask some more questions. Always admit that you don't know something...never try to bluff your way through....

    Be positive....and make sure you have them fill out an evaluation form at the end of your shift. Helps with references...
    Good Luck...and welcome to the world of agency...