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  1. I'm a CNA and I'm applying for a job. I have never worked in a hospital so out of the oncology,orthopedics,cardic unit,med/surg,spine center, and gero/psych areas, which would you prefer to work in and why. Which would have the not so heavy lifting. Also what is a nursing PINS????
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    If you're working as a CNA in a hospital, there's going to be lifting regardless. What patient populations do you think you might enjoy working with? Think about the primary things you would be dealing with in each unit and see what sounds interesting to you.

    I've not heard of a nursing PINS .
  4. by   andreaJ
    Sorry - I should have been more specific - I mean what age groups/types of patients (not number population) do you want to work with?

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  5. by   NannaNurse
    I work in inpatient rehab and we get patients as young as 16 and as old as 101. People of all ages, walks of life, cutlures, etc are patients in the hospital and you will , no doubt experience that as well. You job can be as rewarding or as difficult as you make all depends on where your heart is!
    Good luck!!!!!

  6. by   southernchickrn
    If you don't want to do much lifting, working in the psych ward (adult and/or pediatric) may be for you. Just in psych you have to watch what you say. In most units regardless though, you have to do some sort of lifting. If you have a bad back or something, always ask for help. Most nurses don't mind helping the aides turning patients. You're there to help them and vice versa. Also nursing pins are usually pins that nursing schools give to their graduates at a special pinning ceremony. My school in South Carolina has a special pin designed for the Associate's degree program and the Bachelor's program. They are given out at a pinning ceremony on the same day as graduation ( which is in the evening). Some schools have stopped having nursing pins, but it's a nice little tradition to have. I don't know if schools that have CNA programs give them out. Hope that this helps.

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