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I am so frustrated with my new job. I have only been there for six weeks, but really thinking about looking for another job. I don't have a lot of nurse friends and you guys have been a huge... Read More

  1. by   kimmicoobug
    Well, from some of the things that I have read on this site, I think my facility has some issues they need to work on regarding us new nurses. I wish I could say they could use me in med-surg, but the reality is that they hired 3 grads for med-surg and have room for only one person. 2 of the new grads in that unit will be in the same boat I am in. I do plan on staying on-call, and will take another job elsewhere. I am already doing on-call for OB. Well, tomorrow is a new day. I hope to have a new job within the next few weeks.
  2. by   Agnus
    It is not inappropriate to switch employers so soon. You will likely have to give a reason and the real reason is the correct one in this case.
    i. e. you need to work. You believed there was a full time position for you (don't say misled, eventhough it sounds like you were). It turned out they hired more new grads than they actually had positions for with the idea that the excess would be used for on call.
    You are right in not wanting to burn bridges. And you must take care of yourself. Your first loyalty in this day, must be to yourself.