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  1. So i just got my BA in psychology and decided that psch wasnt somethin i would want to pursue as a career. I decided to pursuethe nursing track. Love to help people and grew up around the medical field. I am currently getting my associates in Nursing and wanted to know if anyone had some wds of advice. I want to pursue a career as a nurse practioner. Can i apply to BS/MS programs right after i get licensed as a RN? Or should i work in the hospital first? Having a bachelor already and going to have an asociates in nursing, will it be a shorter time requirement to complete BS/MS for me then for someone that doesnt have a previous bachelor degree? Even though i have a BA i did compete a lot of science classes in undergraduate. I have general chem, gen bio, organic chem I, physics,A&P I& that going to help me finish the BS of nursing faster? oh yea i started undergraduate as a BS major then transfered to BA half way in btw....i know im very Undecisive! I just need some good advice about continuing my path to a higher degree in nursing and what i should look for or avoid....i have wasted so much time..just want to at least finish and do it the right and fastest way possible...really need to start making some kind of progress!
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  3. by   It'sMe, RN, BBA, MBA
    Go talk to the NP program and tell them your situation and they will advise you as to the most expedient path. Good luck.
  4. by   mommiof2kids
    I have worked with nurses who have started NP school straight out of their bachelor's degree and those who have waited to gain experience prior to pursuing their master's. I am a firm believer that if you plan to pursue a master's degree/NP you should have at least 3 years experience in practice. As an NP, you will be practicing more autonomously than as an RN and it is important to have experience to fall back on when making decisions in treating a patient. Besides, you might get out there and change your mind a few times before finding your "niche" in nursing. Good luck to you!!
  5. by   Christen, ANP
    I am over half way through my MSN, and I agree that having a few years of nursing under your belt will aid you greatly in pursuing your advanced degree! Give it a year or two, get comfortable with being a nurse, then go on to becoming an advanced practice nurse!