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  1. Hi! I am very new at this! I do have a question that I thought that some of you who've been in the healthcare field might be able to help me with. I'm going to school right now and would like to get a job in a hospital to get some experience. I've applied to a couple hospitals, but there's one that I would really like to work at because of the location, etc. That's also the one which has been the most discouraging one as they say they might have opening( I know that they do) and haven't even called me for an interveiw. Do I wait till I can get in there somehow or do I go with others that would have me start right away? I've been a stay at home mom for 4-5 years so looking and interviewing for jobs is a little scary. Thank you.
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  3. by   manna
    I'd say it probably depends on how badly you need the job (do you need the income, or are you doing it mainly/only for the experience?).

    Good luck!
  4. by   TaraER-RN
    Thats a tough call...are you applying to one particular part of the hospital and they aren't calling you back, or did you just apply in general and the HR people won't call back? I would hate to go to a hospital that is that hard to get a hold of and gives me the run around. If you know what area you want to go into, then pick the hospital that has the best reputation for that area and try getting a hold of that areas manager directly and see if there are any openings...with the nursing shortage they should be catering to you to get you to come work at their hospital.
  5. by   frann
    I had the same problem when I started at my current hosp. There wan't much of a shortage of health care workers then. The Human resources director back then, well I think she threw the applicatoins away. I just called operator and asked for the name and number of the charge nurse for the floor- medical that I thought I most wanted to work in. No she hadn't gotten my application and we set up a interview time then. I've been there ten years now. so don't count on human resources. just pick up the phone and ask if they have your application and if they are hiring. Doesn't hurt what have you got to loose?
  6. by   LoriT
    Thank you... I am doing it for the experience. I think that I'm going to take your advice and call the charge nurse, if she gives me the same attitude that HR gave me I really don't think that I would enjoy working there and will move on. Lori