Advantages/Disadvantages to working for county hosp

  1. I am graduating with my RN in May and am trying to decide where to apply for a job. I change my mind daily. I would actually love to find out what types of hospitals nurses thing are a good place to start.

    any advice will be helpful!
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  3. by   nekhismom
    THe best hospital? One that pays you well, has good benefits, and will offer you a LONG preceptorship.
  4. by   Agnus
    Apply to them all. Because the interview process and hiring process is a two way street. This will give a chance to size them all up and decide for your self. There is no one type that is best to start at. It depends on the individual hospital and even the individual unit. If I said one type was better than another that is no guarentee that the same type of hospital that you apply to would measure up the same way.

    Every hospital is different. No two county, no two non profits, etc are the same.
  5. by   orrnlori
    If one of your options is a teaching hospital do apply there. They are set up to train new nurses, usually have an excellent preceptor system in place. The added bonus is that you have residents around the clock to call if you need assistance. I wouldn't have understood how great an asset that was until I worked as a CNA between semesters and saw how the nurses in the private hospital were treated when they called the docs in the evenings to report patient problems. Having doctors awake and at the hospital round the clock is a great resource for the nurses when your patients are critical.

    Another added bonus is getting to see so much at a teaching hospital, cause they take the cases the privates don't want or won't take. There is also the added bonus of more eyes on your patient. There's multiple people involved with their care and that helps you as the nurse.

    They aren't the pretty hospitals and the pay may be a few pennys less than the privates but there are trade off's, especially when you are new.