ADN VS Bachelors

  1. I am in school taking my anatomy and microbiology prerequisites so that I can apply to nursing schools. I was just wondering if anyone had advice on whether to go the ADN route and get my bachelor's in nursing while I am working or just getting my bachelor's now. I am worried that with the economy, it will be harder to find a job with an ADN degree. Any advice?
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  3. by   S.N. Visit
    You'll have the hardest time finding a job with less than 2yrs experience as a nurse regardless of having an ADN or BSN. Do what works better for you (time, distance, tuition).
  4. by   MB37
    There's a forum for this: Registered Nurses: Diploma, ADN, or BSN. It's been discussed to death in other areas, and they moved all the posts a while back. Check it out for all the arguments for each, then consider your own situation.
  5. by   83studentnurse
    If you're starting nursing this year, you wouldn't graduate from an ADN program until 2011, when the economy should be getting better (none of us REALLY knows when it will turn around, but most predict it will start to turn around later this year or early 2010).

    Also, if you get your ADN and can't find a job in 2011, you could always go straight on and finish your BSN via a RN-to-BSN program. Especially because of the economy, there's an argument to be made for getting the ADN and then BSN because you would only have to pay 2 years of undergrad tuition (it could be even less if you had a job that gave tuition reimbursement).

    However, research both options because there are a LOT of factors involved in choosing a school.
  6. by   David13
    Everyone's situation is unique. It is my belief that if you have the time and do not have a need to get a job right away, the BSN is definitely the way to go. Once you graduate with an ADN it is sometimes difficult to find the motivation to return to school and it continuously gets placed "on the back burner". Not to say that it could not be done, however you should also keep in mind that school would most likely be more difficult with the addition of a stressful job into the equation.