Admission IV Therapy Screening Tool??

  1. Several yrs ago I attended a class where an IV expert talked about a hospital that did an IV admission screening on every inpatient. It would start in the ER or the first unit they were admitted to. The reason for this was to determine the probable length of time of IV therapy and the reason for IV therapy. Those patient where more than 3 days of IV antibiotics was likely automatically got a PICC line unless otherwise contraindicated. Anyone who was getting an IV vesicant automatically got a PICC or central line. The instructor cited a study that said if more than 3 days of IV therapy was needed it was more cost effective to put a PICC in. It also increase patient satisfaction and comfort. Does anyone know of a tool that is in use for doing this assessment? Could you post it? I would like to bring it up at my hospital. With the increase in infections there is increase in the need for IV therapy. I think IV needs screening on admission is important.
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