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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have enjoyed this site but as of yet I have not read anything about addiction nursing. Although I have been in nursing for 12yrs I have been an addiction nurse for the last 2yrs. I would really like to hear from any of you who work in this part of our field. Please feel free to email me at I work in a outpatient clinic that has about 60 active clients at this point. But we are still growing. Our other clinic has about 430 active clients. So they do stay busy. If you are like me then you are always learning so let me hear from you. Good luck with all that you do.
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  3. by   MollyJ
    Hi Texas,
    I have been involved in substance abuse prevention for about 2 years, too and have often lurked and posted the boards looking for people in the same field. Addiction nurses don't seem to be very visible or noisy, but we are around.
    Having come from a varied background, I am relatively new to addictions, but find it challening and interesting. Our culture really down plays the danger of alcohol and other drugs and teens and that scares me the most.
    I also subscribe to an addictions listserv and if you email me, I would give you more info about that. While not highly active, it is very informative and a little like having your finger on the pulse of the treatment world.
    I think I also have an increasing awareness of how often addiction issues were a sub-text to people I saw when I was in the ED and the ICU and I didn't always "get it".
    Any others out there?
  4. by   Leah K.
    It looks like it has been a long time since someone posted about addictions nursing, but I'm willing to make a post and try to fire things up again!
    I've been doing mental health and addictions for 8 yrs and love it.
    I don't believe I will do anything else, unless it is in addition to! My concern is that with the interference of managed care, it appears that free standing hospitals are on the devcline, and so are some in patient units in community hospitals. What does this mean for us in this area of specialty? I pick my brain daily about what options there are and what I need to do professionally to prepare myself for the not so distant future, as employment opportunities decline.
    I would be interested in duscussing this in more depth with anyone who is facing the same concerns.
  5. by   Bambi
    What a coinsidence, I was just looking for a drug addiction forum on this board today, and came up with nothing. I currently work in an outpatient drug addiction clinic. Iv'e been there less than a year. I am still trying to find my way around in the world of nursing, and I am not sure if this is where I am going to stay, but I have a great interest in it and I really care for the people. As an LPN, working on my RN, I am not sure there is much growth potential where I am at this time.

    Feel free to pm me if any of you would like to.
  6. by   Leah K.
    I'm not sure what the employment potential or promise for longevity in our specialty field is in Colorado, but I'd venture to say that is is probably about the same as it is in IN. I'm just guessing, of course, I have no crystal ball, but if you look at the history of length of stay programs, the los is dropping each year and rehab is all but a thing of the past.
    I believe out patient is a safe bet. It is cost effective for the most part and insurance companies, employers and most families favor this option. My only concern for our patients is for the ones who require detox with specialized service providers who are trained appropriately and are qualified for such an event on an inpatient basis, where it is safe. Managed care needs to remember that what took months and years to mess up, cannot be fixed in hours, days or weeks. These folks need care in their recovery LONG TERM!
    OKay, so we all know this!
    I'm glad to have somewhere to bounce concerns off of!
    Glad you posted Bambi!
    Keep up the hard work!!
    Leah K.
    (south central IN)
  7. by   rnnurse2b
    What kind of addicts do you work with in the outpatient clinics, and what is done for them at the clinic?
  8. by   Leah K.
    I actually don't work in the out-patient setting, Bambi does. I work in an in-patient treatment facility (free-standing) for dual diagnosis. My work primarily entails educating/counseling adolescents with substance abuse history in a residential setting, but I've also worked with adults in detox.
    What do you do?
    Leah K.
    (south central IN)
  9. by   Bambi
    I work in a clinic where methadone is dispensed only. Most clients are addicted to opiates. There are some that are addicted to pain pills, vicodin, etc. Clients have access to counselors they see on a regular basis. Also, they are tested monthly for drug use and see the doc for physicals once a year.
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