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  1. I have adhd. I was diagnosed half way through nursing school. I am finding now that I am having a hard time coping with work and the new things I am having to learn. I am having a hard time adjusting to the social aspects at jobs and I have lost two. Can anyone suggest any websites or books that could help me. I know some of the areas i need to work on. Just looking for ways to stop from doing some of my destructive things. Dawn
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  3. by   granna94
    ]I have ADHD, age 52. I thought that my adhd (finally diagnosed in 1999) went away, plus I couldn't afford the meds.
    ]Recently, I was re-diagnosed. I am looking for nursing work. I have an interview Jan 13.
    ]I have joined (ADDA). You get the newsletter, FOCUS with it. I also subscribed to ADDitude. The magazine is great. The website has lots of articles to check out. I think that CHADD primarily focuses on children with ADD.
    ]When I was I in nursing school, I had great teachers. I drove 40 miles one way. I really wanted to do well. I taped all lectures and listened to them a lot because I could not take very good notes. I had been a CNA prior to nursing school. When I studied, I had to study in a quiet room. I was very determined to succeed. I went straight into ICU. I would not recommend that. Get a year of med-surg first to become organized.
    ]Don't be afraid of your diagnosis. Learn about it. Google for articles. One article is Ad/HD & Relationships: Communication is the key! at
    ]This is helpful because relationships can be troubled with ADHD or ADD; listening, interrupting, forgetting...
  4. by   AnnemRN
    I recommend books/tapes by Daniel G. Amen MD who has a clinic in Fairfield,Ca. He is an authority on ADD/ADHD. I have listened to him lecture and thought he was excellent. His website is I have " A clinician's guide to understanding and treating Attention Deficit Disorder (childhood through Adulthood) Workbook--it has treatment tips for adults with ADD and alot more.
  5. by   granna94
    A.D.D. on the Job Making Your A.D.D. work for You. by Lynn Weiss, Ph.D. is a good book. ADD in Adults is another one by her. There is also a book called, "Driven to Distraction". Type this in or request both from your library. I get a lot of books checked out that way, through the interlibrary loan system. You could also type in ADHD under the book heading at and you will get more ideas.
    I don't know if you have children, but there is a Department of Health and Human Services' research study where no travel is required to participate. You must have 2 or more children, one of whom has ADHD, between the ages of 7 to 17. For more info contact 1-800-411-1222.