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  1. Has anyone been an Activity Director or know one? Nursing homes seem to run ads alot looking for these. What kind of education and experience do you think a person needs. I have a teaching degree, and some of preregs finished for nursing school. I worked as a daily teaching substitute, day-care centers and various other types of jobs. In both those jobs I had to develop activities and crafts. I'm not sure any schools in my area even offer a degree in this. Can you tell me what you know about this type of job? Is my experience and training enough for this job?
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Activity Director usually involves planning and implementing a program of large and small group activities, cooprdinating volunteers and staff, and documentation. Lot of documentation - activity participation, care planning, etc. State to state varies, but there are often activity director cetification courses, but not degrees per se. Geriatrics experience is obviously very helpful. Your activities and crafts background would be useful. Organizational skills and the ability to recruit and retain volunteers are a must.

    It sould be problematic to hold such a job while in school depending on when facilities schedule their activities. These are often full-time positions.

    Pay is not usually great - but better than minimum. It is a very rewarding job, tho. Really challenges you to come up with activities that are appropriate to different cognitive levels. There is often a standing calendar of events to which you would add.