ACNP/ANP Crossbreed

  1. Out of curiosity, I have a question regarding the ACNP and ANP roles. I have done some of my own research here and on other websites but I have not found a real solid answer.

    I understand the ACNP is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and the ANP is an Adult Nurse Practitioner who most commonly practices in primary care. My question is: can an ACNP take on the responsibilities of an ANP and or vice versa? Which role would be best for a person interested in both the disciplines?

    Moreover, in the future, I am interested in becoming an NP. However, I would like to remain in the hospital around the ED, ICU, and Trauma areas but at the same time I would like to see patients outside the hospital for primary care. I hope to have my own community clinic or work in one.

    As usual, I appreciate and thank all comments!
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  3. by   mbuchanan2107
    I am a FNP so I can't answer specifics, but my program I just graduated from has them getting dual certified. So you will be certified as a ANP and ACNP. From what they said, the ANP's may get phased out. I don't know the truth of that, but is what my professors said. ACNP's will work in more specialty practices, the hospitals, and ICU's. Many magnet facilities will only hire ACNP's. Hope this helps.
  4. by   neuronRN
    Thanks mbuchanan2107! I also gave thought to a FNP program but I'm not 100% sure yet if I would like to care for the 'little ones'. Do you know the specifics why the ANP may be phased out?
  5. by   mbuchanan2107
    I am a FNP and I don't like pediatrics at all. I thought it would give me options though in the event I would like to in the future. In regards to the phasing out the ANP, from what my professors said, was that it wasn't necessary. You can be an ANP and care for adults and gero or you can be a FNP and care for the entire spectrum. So it isn't necessary to have it.
  6. by   neuronRN
    Being an FNP does make a lot of sense if I do change my mind, which can happen with me. I understand. Thanks for shading some light.
  7. by   highlandlass1592
    One thing to think about when becoming an NP...if you decide you want to go back and get certified in another field, my understanding is you don't need to repeat core curriculum but just the practicum...I haven't totally researched that though so take it with a grain of salt.

    I'm currently enrolled in a dual program..ACNP and Palliative care. So excited!