Accelerated BSN or MEPN Programs

  1. Greetings.
    I'm very much interested in going back to school for nursing (I have a bachelors in anthropology and a few years of public health experience.) but I don't have any of the science prerequisites.
    Aside from University of Vermont's MEPN program, can anyone recommend an accelerated program (BSN) or masters program that doesn't require a billion prerequisites? What about ways to get around the prereqs? Are there some schools that allow you to take some of them now and others while enrolled?
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   anc33
    Hopkins actually has relatively few pre-recs. They even allow you to complete micro during the program (and I hear it is much easier).
  4. by   Adenium
    I believe Yale still only requires statistics, though I think most anyone going into that or any other accelerated program without a good understanding of at least anatomy and physiology would be drowning fast.

    I didn't want to have to stop earning money so I could take time off for pre-reqs, but Yale was too expensive and I realized I'd need the info anyway. I went full time at a community college and in the spring and summer term knocked out AP 1&2, genetics, refresher chem, microbiology, and statistics. I'm glad I had them, and after one more painful year of little income I will be done with UConn's program and working as a nurse. Oh, and I picked up a unit clerk job part-time to supplement - wish I'd thought to do that while I was taking pre-reqs.

    Is it the lost-income thing that has you worried, or are you feeling you won't be using what you'd learn in those classes?

    Oops. Edited to acknowledge I'm an idiot and just realized you're looking at BSN only. Yale is certificate and goes straight through to NP track, UConn is certificate plus step-out time before finishing Master's.
  5. by   ktliz
    It seems the majority of programs want A&P and micro at the very least. The next step up seems to be stat, human growth & development and sociology.

    There is a test you can take (CLEP) to test out of human growth & deveopment and sociology... I'm sure they would require very little studying on your part and you can buy CLEP study books at any book store. As for statistics, you can take it online if you are ok with math (I took it as a campus-based course during undergrad and never went to class. Got an A. It was easy enough to learn out of the book and I'm not a math whiz or anything.)

    I don't know of any programs that don't require at least A&P and microbio though... sorry I can't be more help!
  6. by   puresass
    i don't know if i'd be looking for a way to "get around" the pre-reqs required for accBSN or MEPN programs. number one, there are reasons that they're pre-reqs since it's information that you're going to be responsible for knowing once you get into the program & number two, admissions to these types of programs are really intense, so if you don't have the pre-reqs or somehow got around them, your application probably won't be very competitive at all.
  7. by   wayunderpaid
    University of Rochester has only a few, A&P I&II, Micro, Statistics, Human Growth and Nutrition. The important fact about the school, is that they do not require labs for the sciences, and they teach many of these courses online. Go to their website and see. I think that statistics is about the only course you have to pick up elsewhere. I am sure you have statistics, or developmental psych (human growth), if you did anthropology.