Abreviations for jobs

  1. Hi all

    I work in the UK and love :kiss all the talk from around the globe BUT I do have some problems with what type of jobs or forms of qualifications are out there
    Can you please explain

    In the UK we have

    NA = Nursing auxillaries who are assistant to the Qualified Nurse

    EN = Enrolled Nurse who has training but not at the level of RN's[ that does not mean that they are inferior but prior to the early 90's there was two level training

    Then we have
    RGN = Registered General Nurses the equivilent of RN's

    RMN = Psychiatric Qualified Nurses

    Clarification would make things so much easier

    Many Many Thanks
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  3. by   KaraLea
    Here in Texas, we have...

    CNA's-certified nursing assistants, similar to your NA's
    LVN's-Licensed Vocational Nurse, 1year nursing degree. Less training than an RN.
    ADN's-Associate Degree in Nursing, 2yr RN
    BSN's-Bachelor of science in Nursing, 4yr RN
    Then some nurses go on for MSN-Masters of science in nursing, CRNA-certified registered nurse anestesiologist.

    Where I work, we also have MHW's-Mental Health Workers (aka Service assistants) These may or may not be CNA's.
  4. by   jevans
    Your explanatiopn makes all the difference.
    I've printed your reply so I'LL remember

  5. by   KaraLea
    Oh, I forgot...LVN's can also be called LPN's. Licensed Vocational Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse.
  6. by   Huganurse
    I used the abbreviation SN for student nurse when I was in nursing school during my clinicals. I was a GN after graduating from nursing school and before I took the RN boards. While at work I was employed as a Nurse Tech during the time I was in school---I was considered a tech after I took basic nursing therepy in school.
    I have also worked where they called the CNA's, PCA's for patient care assistant. And to make it more confusing, I worked with HHA's, who were also CNA's, while I did home health care.