AACN: Novice Critical Care Nurses Needed for Study

  1. Calling all new critical care nurses, AACN needs your help!

    We are seeking new critical care nurses with less than one year of practice to respond to a written survey. IF YOU ARE A NOVICE CRITICAL CARE NURSE, OR IF YOU KNOW A NOVICE CRITICAL CARE NURSE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED IN COMPLETING THIS
    SURVEY please respond immediately!

    Our goal in this study is to identify the knowledge, skills and abilities required of novice critical care nurses in the first year of practice, and compare those to the knowledge, skills and abilities tested on the NCLEX-RN in order to better delineate the competencies which new critical care nurses need to acquire in that first year of practice.

    Please email your name and address to mail to: CertCorp@aacn.org or fax your information to 949.448.5542 and put Novice Survey on the subject line.
    Thank you for your assistance in this exciting project.

    There will be six drawings for all those who complete the survey for a $50.00 gift certificate to the AACN Bookstore.

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