A question about nursing school

  1. Hi everyone..................I was just wondering if to become a nurse you need to have your physics or just chemistry and biology?? I'm very lost because some people say you have to and some say you don't.....I don't want to have to take physics if i dont have to.....any info would be great
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  3. by   spineCNOR
    Check with the school you want to attend--they all have different pre-reqs. To the best of my knowledge, most nursing programs do not require physics, but all require chemistry, anatomy and physiology.
  4. by   AlaskanRN
    I wasn't required to take physics, but it would be in your best interest to check with the school you plan to attend. Depending on the school and the degree, there are different requirements.
  5. by   MelH
    Depends entirely on your school. Ask your adivsor and they should be able to tell you. Most schools, I would say, recommend that you have your Anatomy and Physiology as these are going to be your foundation and you build upon them. My school required you had chemistry but again just check with your advisor for the nursing dept and they should be able to give you more info. Good luck!
  6. by   MollyJ
    Sarah, are you in high school or college?

    And are you thinking that physics=physiology?

    I'm not trying to be be insulting here, just asking.

    I took high school physics and loved it, though I was not an excellent student of physics. The best part of taking hs physics is that the concepts are abstract and the demands can be fairly rigorous. Taking rigorous classes will prepare you for some of the nursing classes you may encounter. It certainly won't hurt you.

    I'm not aware that college physics (the study of objects in motion, pressures, physical relationships between objects in the world and universe) is a routine nursing pre-req, though I wouldn't care to say that NO nursing school requires it. Physiology (the study of cellular and systems level interactions in the human body) is routinely required.

    Good luck in your studies.
  7. by   Neon8
    If you are going the Community College route for your ADN, I don't believe you will be required to take physics. If you are planning to attend a four year university, a physical science course is one of the General Education requirements, but you can choose something other than Physics. I took Physics at the local community college and got an A. I remember for the final, which was very long and comprehensive, that everyone got finished before me, and my professor got tired of waiting for me to finish and sent in a teacher's assistant to sit in there until I finished. I really wanted a good grade in that class especially because it was so difficult for me. I have found that with most of the classes that you can get an A if you do all the work.
  8. by   HARPUA
    I am in my first semester of nuring school and as far as pre-req, i needed two chem.or two phys. not both. We also needed med. micro and two anat/physiology. dont worry, its worth it.