A great 'Relocation Package' should consist of...

  1. Hi all,
    DH and I are thinking of relocating to Northern Colorado from So.Cali. What do you guys think of a good 'Relocation Package' should consist.The hospital I have an eye on have relocation bonus up to $5,000 (it's more like a reimbursement though). No sign-on bonus as of now but I think that will change once the hospital is built and they are desperate for nurses. The hospital is affiliated with a company that assist relocated employees. I would love sign on bonus, and employer assisted housing easy to obtain mortgage or closing cost paid by the employer, the hospital will get a tax break if they offer this (like what Riverside Community Hospital in the IE offered they pay closing cost on new mortgages.) Anybody have something else to add so I can mention it to the nurse recruiter when the time comes. Thanx
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    Please PM me and tell me which hospital you are thinking of.