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  1. I am from Canada (Saskatchewan) and I will be done my BSN this December. My parents used to have property in Scottsdale and I fell in love with Arizona. I was hoping to move there when I am finished and have written the NCLEX. I have talked to a few recruiters but of course they have told me it is to soon to start applying. I was told that the NCLEX is a much more difficult exam than ours in Canada. Is this true. I am just wondering if I should spend money on the preparation guides that are sold in bookstores. I was also wondering about taxes. I have many credits from my tuition carried over and I was told that I won't be able to use these in the states. Also, what about RRSP's? I am assuming that I can't contribute to these either. Can anyone help me with these questions. I put this message in another topic area and I didn't get any responce.

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    I answered these questions for you on your other thread. Please try to post only once.