A comment about whining, nurses eating their young....so on and so on.....

  1. I have been involved in many different discussions on this bulletin board over the last 6months or so, and not all of them have been good,lol. I do have this to say though.....I am about to be a nursing student because I want to be a nurse and have for a long time. I see the complaints about nursing and the things that the nurses are going through here so I know what I am getting into when I go into this profession. Sometimes it does get tiring, BUT I learn alot from reading these forums. I feel like I am getting a leg up from some of the things I have read here. I am learning different ways to deal with instructors, families, other nurses, and administrators. This board is teaching me alot of things that are being filed away in my head for when I need it. I also like being able to post here and get questions answered from "seasoned" nurses. So whine and vent if you need to, but let it be known that it has helped my way of thinking and many others will realize that if they think about it. There is knowledge that can be gleamed from these posts if a person reads them and thinks about it.....

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  3. by   thisnurse
    try to keep in mind that you DONT know what you are getting into. you have a better idea than most i would say, but theres no way you will understand until you get there.
    we can tell you so many things and we can give you information to help you but i think its honest to say that you will have to find your own niche. you will, and you will do just fine.
    welcome to nursing. put on your combat gear and join us.
    we need you.
  4. by   pkmom
    I've enjoyed reading all the gripes and complaints related to nursing because i am a student, hopefully starting clinicals in the fall, and I feel that this BB has given me a better idea of what nursing is really like. Some people gripe a lot, but they are still in nursing so that has to say something. I am greatly encouraged by all the support that usually follows the complaints as well. I think there are some good people on this BB and I have learned so much about my future career from this group, both good and bad, but most importantly, genuine and real.
  5. by   Mijourney
    Hi. I'm not in a position to say that Robin doesn't know what he/she may be getting into because I don't know prior history. I do agree that it's important to work up to your niche so that you will be in a good position to handle the unpleastries of your profession.

    IMO, in addition to coming to this bb, you should take the time to look at others as well as read different nursing journals and journals from other health related areas. You may also want to consider joining some type of local, state, or national organization. Before joining, see what benefits they offer that you would be interested in. Sometimes local or state organization membership helps you learn more about what goes on in your neck of the woods which is helpful for you.

    Finally, understand that health and medical care is an industry which means that patient care is not one dimensional. There are too many people that have entered nursing not accepting this and/or not wanting to deal with it for the long haul. Despite all the advances in technology, confusion with third party payors, the government, the aging of the population, there is a way to work yourself into an area that you can get satisfaction from. Best wishes.
  6. by   foxynurse
    Good luck to you. I too, will be starting nursing school this January. I have been wanting to be a nurse for over 20 years now. I have heard lots of advice pro and con from family, friends and mere aquaintances about my joining this profession.
    In the long run I've decided to follow my heart and go for it.
  7. by   grouchy
    I am very happy to see that there are nursing students and students-to-be who are following this board. It's good that you have an idea of the potential problems, and even better that you are still willing to pursue nursing as a career. I think anyone who goes into this with their eyes open will have the best chance of successfully transitioning from school to work. Welcome Aboard! As thisnurse said, we need you!
  8. by   Teshiee
    I have to admit since joining this forum I have realized there are a lot nurses who are dedicated to their profession and only want to see a better day and ones who just whine ,bytch and moan and do nothing else to make their life better. I appreciate all with their opinions, it has enlighten me and made me realize that we are all sisters and brothers in this profession. I say to the students welcome and have thick skin when you come you have conquered the first hard level, and that is the school itself. The nurses with the political issues I say, thanks I didn't realize so many problems are awaiting us w/agency nursing, forcing nurses back in the hospitals, what a shame! I do wish we all could really stick together not undermine each other .We all would like nothing more but better working conditions, pay and respect. I love what I do and try to be good at it. I wish the patriotic attitude we have been displaying would trickle in our nursing career w/ what is really going on.