A Call To Arms - page 2

Ok, I can't let it die, I know. What about a call to arms, decide the issues and write a declaration of sorts describing what are concerns, etc. are; and then calling for a meeting to discuss these... Read More

  1. by   Barbara Rose
    Good for you, and I agree, when we get involved, then we can change what we don't like. I see alot of apathy out there right now, people are so oppressed and have no idea how to change things. But, as history always repeats itself, someone will come forward and lead us out of this mess. Well, we can be our own hero if we get involved.
    It is so good to hear that we are all still involved and trying to change things. We have got to make a difference in our generation, for the entire future of nursing.
    I have updated my profile with my email address. Remember, I changed to cable, well, I forgot to update my email here. But I have now, so feel free to contact me. I am still as busy as ever. I have started a unit of Texas Advocates for Nursing HOme Residents here in Paris, I am still working my 3 jobs, and my son got married this last weekend. I older daughter will marry in August as well. And, you all remember
    that "wonderful" grandson, well, he's into everything now more than ever. Anyway, witht the political activities as well, I stay busy. So, I don't always get to the bulletin board on a regular schedule. If anything exciting is happening, email me so I am sure to get it. I do try to stay current on that.
    I will try to keep you all informed if I get one of the appointments or what ever is going on. Remember, we have to stay active, no matter what. And we can't give up just because we hit a snag along the way. The MNM was a snag, so we can get moving again. Lets agree to keep the issues alive on the state level and push till we get something done. We all can do what Karen as done if we try hard enough.
  2. by   schrandt
    Hi to all. Congratulations to all of you who are movers and shakers. I read the posts with interest, most of the suggestions for unifying the nursing profession were discussed at length this summer in an MSN class I took online with UOP. Looks like there are many with the same ideas.

    I found this site by accident, and spent the afternoon being astounded by the discussions in the topic "ANA discriminates against LPNs". ...for your reading enjoyment, may I suggest?..... I was appalled by some of the comments. Since you all seem to be active in either the state or national organizations you may be interested in taking a peek. Make sure you wear your armor.
    I look forward to reading more...