4th day payback?

  1. I am beginning to interview for RN positions (I will be graduating in December) and was wondering if any RN's could help me understand some terminology I am still unfamiliar with?

    While talking to a nurse recruiter, she stated that "we work 3 x 12 hr shifts a week" and "there is no 4th day payback". What does "4th day payback" refer to? I felt silly asking, and I'm wondering what it means now.

    I'm also curious how many RN's feel that new grads should still go the med/surg route for the 1st year. I've been told by most hospitals I've spoke with that they will accept new grads into all areas (including CCU with an intensive training preceptor program). I am just afraid I will choose the wrong area starting off and then be stuck. I'm trying to narrow myself down to Peds, L&D, newborn nursery, NICU, high risk OB, or adult/peds cardiology/CCU.

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  3. by   Dixielee
    Some hospitals offer three 12 hour shifts but require you work an 8 hour shift every other week or a 4 hour shift per week to total 80 hours per pay period. That sounds like what she meant. I personally think it is better for new grads to start on a med surg floor. There are some good threads regarding this on the forum if you look. Everyone does not agree and obviously a lot of new grads do well in speciality areas. I just think it is harder for them than they needs it to be, and they can get a solid foundation on a floor before focusing on a speciality.

    If you have a strong med surg background it will help you where ever you go. If you start in a specialty such as OB, NICU, etc. you are probably never going to break away from that. You may never want to, but if you start with the basics, it is easier to branch out later.
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  4. by   Town & Country
    Please dear child DO NOT GO INTO critical care right out of school - I don't care WHAT kind of preceptor you have.

    You simply are not prepared until you have worked Med/Surg, JMO.