2nd drug test question..sorry

  1. the last thread got shut down for legal purposes i suppose. I will do my best to post these questions in a better, non legally comprimising format...Sorry!

    1. Has anyone ever heard of a hair test coming back positive from SECOND HAND cocain(crack) smoke.

    2. Does anyone THINK this is possible or even probable.

    3. Are there any places where one can get a COMPLETLY private and secret hair-drug test done. Meaning you dont have to give your name or personal info, maybe just a code or something...

    If anything needs to be change from this thread to make it compliant with any rules or regulations i will GLADLY do it. I do not wish to upset such a wonderful board w so many knowledgable people, however, i could REALLY use anyones previous experience or ideas here.. thank you!!!
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  3. by   LuvMyGamecocks
    If you'll go back to the thread that was closed, you'll see that it was closed because allnurses.com is NOT the place to ask such questions. Like SmilingBluEyes posted, if your brother is the one that this "question" is concerning, HE needs to be the one to seek answers. A recruiter would be best for him to talk to. But, please, NOT on this site.

    I'm curious....why so many posts from you about drugs????
  4. by   sirI
    Agree with the above poster. Please have your brother contact the appropriate ones who can answer these questions. It is beyond what allnurses.com can help you with.