2018 Texas Health Resources GN

  1. Decided to start a thread about the February 2018 GN Residency with THR since I could not find one. The applications opened on Sept. 30 and I applied to anything ICU/PCU related lol. Anyone else out there that has applied and is just waiting for that "CONSIDERING" status to change to something else???
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  3. by   darrowrn2b
    I am still waiting. I applied for all ICU positions in Dallas and Plano. Still haven't heard anything. It just says "considering."
  4. by   Renzo13
    I saw today that they are reviewing the applications I put in for Fort Worth, so im guessing they are going location to location. I just wish I knew what it was they are really looking for because I know majority of the ICU positions were taken down within a week of being posted
  5. by   bunurse17
    I applied for Texas Health Dallas ED position. Still haven't seen any change in status.
  6. by   keunnamonae
    I applied for mostly women and ED for backup. A lot of my women's positions for Ft. worth and Dallas say "Application in review process" and one of them from plano says "forwarded to hiring manager". I have one ED position that says "application in review" but it is at Ft. worth, the dallas one still says considering. I hope we hear something by the end of the week. I know one of my friends has 3 interviews for Ft. worth set up for next week but they are all ICU positions. So i'm guessing they are doing ICU first.
  7. by   bunurse17
    I've seen a change in status guys! It went from "considering" to "Forwarded to Hiring Manager for Review"
    I also received an email (the same one who emailed us about the screen form) and she said "Thanks!". I think they're just slower compared to other hospitals and are most likely just starting to organize the applications and review them now... ?
  8. by   keunnamonae
    Yeah I had one for Plano change to forwarded to hiring manager. And then all my Ft. Worth, Dallas, and Southwest positions changed to application in review process. So I'm hoping next week I'll hear something about those! I think they have been organizing everybody into what positions and location they want based off that form and now are about to really start emailing to schedule interviews next week. I got an email from her too saying "Thank you!"
  9. by   Renzo13
    I pretty much went through and applied for anything ICU and PCU related but majority of them have read "application in review process" for over 2 weeks now and once went from "considering" to "not selected for interview" idk if it is the fact that im an LVN, graduating ADN, or fact that my address is in east Tx or whatever because my resume and over letter are good and have been compared to what is trending at the moment. I have also applied to a few positions with Parkland, Methodist Dallas/Houston. Any ideas as to why I might be moving along in the process so slow??
  10. by   Egaddy
    I just applied to 3 positions today. I'm from Arizona though so I wonder how this will go!
  11. by   Renzo13
    Okay does anyone have any update, I have multiple that are in review but its so nerve wrenching lol
  12. by   Egaddy
    I have an interview scheduled for next week for Medsurg at Southwest!
  13. by   Renzo13
    Awesomesauce congratulations, I'm still waiting lol. Did you experience the current emailing of the priority and preferred list they sent out
  14. by   RaelBSN
    Quote from Renzo13
    Awesomesauce congratulations, I'm still waiting lol. Did you experience the current emailing of the priority and preferred list they sent out
    Yes. I did all of that today! It's moved super quickly for me! I just applied on the 21st and I got the screening or preference form today and I scheduled an interview today.