2004 Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program: deadline 2/25/04

  1. the fy 2004 nursing education loan repayment program ( nelrp) cycle is
    now available. the program offers registered nurses economic assistance
    to repay their educational loans in exchange for service to the
    underserved in certain healthcare facilities. all nelrp participants
    must enter into a contract agreeing to provide fulltime employment in an
    approved critical shortage facility for 2 years. in return, the nelrp
    will pay 60 percent of the participant's total qualifying loan balance
    for a 2 year commitment. a participant who agrees to serve 2 years may
    be eligible to amend the nelrp contract and work a third year in a
    critical shortage facility, for which the nelrp will pay an additional
    25 percent of the qualifying loan balance.

    the fy 2004 nelrp application cycle closes on february 25, 2004.
    please visit online at http://bhpr.hrsa.gov/nursing/loanrepay.htm
    or call toll free 1-877-464-4772 for more information.
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