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Hi everyone:wavey: I wanted to see what you thought about this. I just finished reading Florence Nightengales "nursing notes" and one of the chapters in her book is on ventilation in the hospital. ... Read More

  1. by   CoffeeRTC
    I think it all depends. Where you are,the condition of the patient etc.

    I believe a bit of fresh air never hurt anyone, but I take care of LTC pts in the suburbs with fresh air etc.

    Funny...when I took my last child in for a well baby visit (late spring early summer) the doc wrote down on the list of instructions...fresh air. I laughed and asked if he really needed to tell the parents that and that it is common sense type of thing...he told me...you would be surprised. (here...he was talking about my sil, poor thing never took her baby outside until the doc said it was okay)