"I work harder than a nurse in a hospital." - page 2

I had a "conversation" with several of the people I work with in a nonclinical setting this week, and it was said by a couple of them that the work we do and the stresses we are under in a... Read More

  1. by   3rdcareerRN
    Ok, in the past 6 months I moved from hospital nursing to urgent-health nursing. Hospital nursing was the hardest thing I have ever done -- including three real careers and many mini-careers before them, in many fields. (Yes, I'm old.) Non-hospital nursing has it own challenge -- I'm the solo nurse on site serving a population of hundreds-plus -- but in comparison, I can actually meet nearly all needs of my non-hospital pts., with safety for them and low liability to me, during my shift. I even usually have time to use the bathroom now. I believe that no one works harder than hospital nurses. If I can help it, I will never work in a hospital again -- which is completely different than my original goal in nursing.
  2. by   DutchgirlRN
    My location is Healthcare Survivor for good reason. I have worked in a doctor's office, in LTC, and in the hospital. What I learned working in the hospital is truely invaluable and something that I hold dear. Hospital work was hard emotionally, mentally and physically. Very hard. I did it for 20+ years. Home health has been so healing. It has it's own definate challenges and unique responsibilities but as least I can go to the bathroom and eat lunch without having to choke it down in record time.