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  1. Hi All, As a relatively new grad (Dec04) I am seeking to design a "brain" for use on a med oncology floor. (hopefuuly) Pt load is 5:1. I used a variety of styles as a student, but not one that I found really workable. Can anyone direct me to the previous discussions?
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  3. by   humglum
    You could try doing a search, I'm sure you'd come up with many threads. Also, many facilities have their own report sheets that you can customize to fit your needs. Or you can start over from scratch, making sure you have room to document what you found remarkable in your head to toe assessment, current VS, lab/x-ray results, upcoming tests/surgeries/pending consults, etc.

    I mostly wanted to say that 5:1 is a great ratio for a med/onc floor. The last place I worked was supposed to be 6:1, but was most often 7 or 8.