"Attachments" on background checks

  1. Hello all. I need help with something. I had a licensure suspension 4 years ago. I have it back now, about a year. I am seeking a new job and suddenly an "attachment" has appeared on a background check. I'd imagine that my previous employer either utilized a checking company that didn't have it, or didn't care that it showed up. I don't know what this "attachment" is. So far I've been told that it's something that the board of nursing has to fix w/ the background checking company.
    Has anyone run into this sort of thing? How did you deal with it? Is there anything I can do on my end?
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    Write to the background check company and ask to see what they have on you...they have to provide it (for a fee of course). Some will give you a free copy IF you show you have been passed over for a job because of what is on there.

    You might think of speaking to a nurse attorney (RNJD)about this, because employers, BON's AND consumer credit organizations must follow the laws governing them. If you were not notified of this 'attachment' someone may have violated your rights,as you have the right to answer charges and/or attach your own rebuttal in these matters.

    Good luck.