-.- OMG...just need to vent

  1. OMG...open bays suck! I had to deal with trying to take care of my own patients, chart, deal with orders, call doctors, etc. AND deal with a family member of someone else's patient because he felt that I was there for his personal benefit the whole time he was with his wife (who was the patient). Seriously? Every 30-45min he would come up to me for ice, cups, coke, spoon, asking about his wife's doctor, when are they going to be transferred, what about her meds?
    No, my colleague was not neglecting her patient. She was very patient and attentive and available. This man was just very needy and clingy and continued to ask the same stuff over and over again. Then he would stop the doctors that came to see the other patients to complain about how we were not taking care of his wife!
    OMG...I should not have, but when the patient was finally transferred this evening I could not help but say,"Praise the Lord!!!" Of course, my CNA and other RN laughed at me, but I was so over the shift by that time.
    Thank God tomorrow is another day...
    Oh...and did I mention that all this while dealing w/a very confused and hostile patient of mine???? -.-
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