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Hiya! I'm going to be starting nursing school January 2005, but have not medical experience. I'm thinking about getting a job at a nursing home as a CNA. (I'm not happy where I'm working at anyhow... Read More

  1. by   jyoung1950
    Some facilities will provide the CNA training for you and then arrange for your testing to get certification with the proper agencies (in Pennsylvania it was the Red Cross).

    At the facility I work at I was in training for 4 weeks (paid $8.80/hour). When I got my certification, my salary rose to $9.30/hour. I have received merit and cost of living increases and now earn $10.40/hour base pay. I also get $.50 shift differential for working 3-11 and additional $.50 differential when i work weekends.

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    Thanks everybody for your wonderful advise. I went Monday and applied at a nursing home close to me. I'm hoping I'll hear something back from them. The only bad thing is that I'm (of course) not certified. I know some nursing homes will certify you, I'm hoping to find on that will. I'd do it myself, but even if I could afford the class, I can't afford the time off. Oh well...:stone

    Hopefully I hear something soon!!!!!

    Another ??? for y'all. Does anybody work 3rd shift??? That's what I'm wanting to do, so I can go to school during the day and be home with my son (he's 12) in the evenings (even if I am asleep, at least I'll be there). Is it hard to get adjusted to 3rd shift? I've never done it. My one brother loves it (he works at a foundry, but he never gets enough sleep) and my other brother hated it (because he never got enough sleep). What do you all think???

    Thanks bunches and bunches!!!!!
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    I think it's a great idea to be a CNA first. I was, and it helped me a lot. It is especially important to know what a CNA's job entails, before you can supervise them.
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    [font=Georgia]Before I started nursing school I was a CNA for 1 year. I learned so much working as a CNA its unreal. It really helped me throught nursing school. My teacher said the best nurses was CNA's. You relize how much a facility relies on CNA's and not just LPN's they are the true backbone ! As a CNA I made 7.oo/hour but I'm in a small town of 1500. You will learn to have a lot of respect for you aides. I enjoy being a nurse but I still make time to help my aides to after I got my license I would work 3 days as a LPN and 2 days as a CNA. It helps with your people skills. Your aides will respect you more because you relate to how they feel sometimes. Especially when they are short handed. As for third shift. It will be really hard on you but you can do it. I worked 4p-8p throughout the week while I went to school. Or another Idea that I did was work 12-16 hours on Fridays and have the weekends off. I worked at least 20-32 hours a week and went to school full time. If thats what you decide to do Good Luck ! It can be very , very stressful. So feel free to email me whenevery you are so stressed and need to talk or have any questions. I can definately relate. Even though I don't have any kids I was newly married and had a husband that wanted to spend more time with me that I felt like I had ..Good Luck with school and whatever you decide to do.:angel2:
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