[Exposure To] Identity Theft and Employment

  1. Hello.

    I just typed a lengthy post about my situation, but I keep encountering trouble saying that I'm not logged in when I am, so I thought I'd just type a few sentences, briefly telling what's going on, and can get detailed later.

    I may go for the RN in the future. In the interim, I've been exposed to identity theft but haven't noted fraudulent activity. I'm in the process of trying to find out if it's due to a clerical error, etc. My social security # is involved.

    Again, I can get detailed in a while, but I lost my typed text, so, for those of you who may have experienced this, what course of action did you take?

    I don't know how long this situation will take to get resolved. It could be quick, or it could get drawn out...


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  3. by   Tweety
    I'm quite sorry this has happened to you and I'm quite sorry you went to all the trouble of posting and reposting your story because it's not something we at Allnurses can offer advice about. Good luck to you.