???? botulism poisoning ????

  1. Hi, im sorry if that word's spelling is terribly wrong, but i hope yuo know what im talking about. anyway. Last thursday, my father was feeling sick and went to the E.R. He had a bad head ache, his vision was blurry, he felt fatigued. They couldn't find anything wrong with him so they sent him home. Well, on Saturday, He can hardly sit up in bed, has particly no strength ( he had spent a week in England just 10 days earlier backpacking with my brother, he's 50, but is very fit) so no strength, his speech is terribly slurred, he can hardly see. A freind takes him to the E.R. where they do an MRI but they dont see anything. So he sees a neurologist (sorry bout the spelling) and is diagnost with Botulism (sp?) He has since spent a few days in the ICU and is now out of that, though he can not drink as drops of liquid get into his lungs, i heard he may have to have a feeding tube for a long period of time, and that the rehab will take a long time.

    So, if you could please tell me,
    -What is Botulism?
    -how can a very healthy guy get to such a terrible state so quickly?
    -how long will it take him to get over this?
    please share any thoughts that would make it easier for me, my brother and my sisters to understand what is happening to him, and what to expect.

    Thank you all so much for any information or prayers you could give, thanks Will
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  3. by   trent
    Here's a link to the CDC's botulism page. It has answers to all of the questions you posed.


    I'll keep your dad in my thoughts.