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hello again, is there an upper age limit for being allowed to work as an R.N. in the States....does it differ from state to state?... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    When i was in nursing school, I was mentored by an LPN who had "tried retirement and hated it" and came back at the ripe young age of 72. She was so energetic and a damn good nurse, I am sure alot of that had to do w/her active level of involvement in community and nursing. There should be NO age limit..as long as body and mind are willing....the experience of such nurses is PRICELESS...beyond words. I work with several nurses beyond what used to be retirement age and see them make NO more mistakes or take longer breaks then us "young uns" so while that may be a concern for some, I think it's overrated. Give them a chance......won't be much a of choice as boomers demand it anyhow. That, plus many cannot afford to retire sooner. But I see many more who don't WISH to.
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  2. by   illecob
    thankyou all for your interesting and heartwarming replies.
  3. by   PerkyCardiacRN
    We have a nurse who works nights, 32 hours a week, and just turned 72 a few months ago.
  4. by   obeyacts2
    My grandma retired from psych nursing when she had some serious health problems. She let her license lapse because she thought she would never work again. Well, she got better and regrets letting her license go. "I could have worked 10 more years" anyway, she took private homecare work until her early 80's. She is now 87 and calls my Mom up (Mom has serious health issues) and says "Im calling a cab and coming over to take care of you" LOL !!!!!!!!! Nursing stays in the blood.

  5. by   illecob
    no I am not thinking of entering late have been nursing for many yrs. Just thinking of working in Floida when we retire here in Canada.
    ps I didn't know how to answer your post directly so have made this one.