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hello everyone this is my first post on here :w00t: little background on me. im 24/m,and i will be attending nursing school here in arizona after 2 years of grinding through all my pre-reqs.(... Read More

  1. by   mosin46
    what everybody else said. might give you a clue about where not to look for your first RN job.
  2. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Quote from teeituptom
    The large majority of Floor Nurses wouldnt draw their own blood anyway, they always get a phlebotomist

    The large majority of Floor nurses are underskilled at IV starting and or Phlebotomy Thats why they have IV teams to do it for them. or they keep calling the ER nurses to do it for them after hours.

    So Ignore them
    I'm sorry but I have to throw this generalization of nurses out the window. Most nurses at my hospital are competent at IV starts and we rely on one another if we're having a tough time no doubt.

    This is an outragiously distorted view of the nursing field. We respect our phlebotomists. I have not seen phlebotomists being undervalued. To me they are part of the team.

    Please don't generalize and put most nurses in a box of incompetance, that is not true and I am not buying it.