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I'm enrolled for RN this fall semester, i have some general education that i need to complete, so can some one please let me know, if its too tough to manage 2 subjects, like advanced ANP and Eng Comp, along with the first sem of RN program.

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That depends on you as a student. For me, 1st semester was pretty easy (looking back), but it is very different from any other classes you have ever taken. Testing is much different because your expected to use critical thinking to figure out most of the exam answers. It takes some getting used to. I've known students who take micro with nursing as well as an easier class. I'm part time and I know I would be overly stressed, but I also have children and am the primary caregiver. Good luck!


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It's doable. I did A&P my first semester and survived, but I didn't get a lot of sleep. Work as little as possible if at all. If you can take Eng. Comp. a different semester or in the summer, I'd suggest that. I think 2 extra classes w/ nursing classes would be tough. A&P is incredibly time consuming due to the volume of information and it is a critical class to your success in the nursing program.

I'm surprized that you were even acepted 2 a nursing program let alone starting one w/o A&P. That is a fundamental class that has to be understood before taking nursing classes. I personally don't think its a good idea to start nursing classes till you have finished your pre-requsites....then start off strong next semester in your nursing classes... you will be better off in the long run...

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