GCU Spring 2017


Hi Everyone!

I am applying for the Spring semester at Grand Canyon University in Arizona. The application was due September 15th. I'm just looking to see who else applied and anything anyone may have heard! I am so nervous and just wanted to connect with other people going through the Nursing struggle! :)

Thank you,



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Hi, I applied for the Spring at GCU as well. The wait is going to be the death of me, I'm sure of it. I saw on another post here that we will not find out any earlier than the 17th. I wish I knew how many applied from the first two tiers, have you heard anything?


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Thank you for responding and best of luck! I thought the 17th would be the day since it's a Monday and the 15th isn't :( Booo! The suspense! I haven't heard anything at all, but maybe I'll call the advisor office to see if they know anything. I will join you on the other post, this is my first time using this :)


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Hi Everyone!!

Did anyone get their acceptance email?! I got mine!!